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I themed the den with late 80’s early 90’s decor and sub-architecture. I have a server that’s running a customised Plex client that only has access learn more here to period-era shows shared on my home-wide network.

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I know that most people probably hear “Zelda theme” and think of the main overworld theme from the original Legend of Zelda game, an icon of video game music. However, to me the A Link to the Past Dark World overworld theme is always the first one that springs to mind, and it may just be my favorite Zelda song. I think that a lot of people may be expecting the Super Mario World soundtrack to represent the SNES Mario games, but for my dollar, I have to go with Yoshi’s Island. Yes, this is pretty much the best video game system ever made. I also use a HDMI to Scart adapter so I can play these on a tube TV I have in my den.

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Donkey Kong Country rom

Those who have played Lufia will know exactly why this soundtrack is so high up on my list. Lufia had one of the most epic and emotional storylines of any SNES RPG, and the soundtrack made me feel every single moment of it; from the the lighthearted moments to the crushing tragedies, and everything in between. Secret of Mana was the first RPG that I ever played, so maybe the nostalgia factor works into this choice a bit. I suspect that most people wouldn’t put this game’s soundtrack quite as high as I am doing, but I don’t care; it’s one of my favorites. No matter how you look at it, the fact remains that Secret of Mana has a stellar soundtrack, and it helps you get lost in the beautiful world of Mana.

I’d post it on social media but I hate social media and have no accounts. Afterall, I already own the ~coughs~ ~coughs~ VC versions ~coughs~ ~coughs~ of the first 5 games on my 3DS not without reason. I agree that it’s a superb game but if you really want to enjoy it you should check out an unofficial fan translation.

The music really makes for a nice atmosphere throughout the game, and the sound samples are among the best on the system (a benefit of releasing so late in the console’s life). Oddly enough, my favorite song might actually be the courtroom theme ("Kingdom Trial"). I was tempted to chose a darker song to capture the eerie tone of Super Metroid a bit better, but in the end I had to go with my gut, and give you my favorite song from the game. It plays in an area with lush forestation all around you, and I think it fits pretty well.

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